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PRIMAL | Seasons / Seasonal Resets (Every 4-6 Months)

PRIMAL Seasons will be uniquely themed. Every new season will include exciting challenges and quests that align with the theme of the season. Players can test their skills in engaging PvE encounters, battle through intricate dungeons, or compete in thrilling events to earn exclusive rewards. With each season, the challenges evolve, ensuring a dynamic and immersive experience that keeps players engaged throughout their journey.

PRIMAL undergoes a 4-6 month seasonal reset, transforming the gameplay and landscape for an exhilarating experience. With each reset, the entire survival world of PRIMAL is regenerated and player's items are reset, presenting a fresh canvas for players. Players can embark on new adventures, discover untouched biomes, and seek out hidden treasures as they adapt to the ever-evolving server.

Each seasonal reset brings a revitalized economy, offering players a chance to engage in new opportunities and develop innovative strategies for wealth accumulation. Whether it's rising through the economic ranks, establishing PvP dominance, or participating in unique seasonal challenges, the reset fosters a level playing field where everyone can thrive.

We believe that a seasonal reset signifies a fresh start and a chance for players to redefine their paths, forge new alliances, and make their mark on the ever-changing server. It creates a vibrant and dynamic environment where players can explore, compete, and collaborate, ensuring an exciting and evolving gameplay experience that spans multiple seasons.

PRIMAL | Battle Pass (100 Levels)

The PRIMAL Battle Pass is designed to immerse you in a dynamic and ever-changing world. Each season introduces a fresh theme, from lush spring meadows to snow-covered winter wonderlands, ensuring that your adventure is always filled with surprises. With every season, a new Battle Pass is released, packed with exciting quests, challenges, and in-game rewards to enhance your Minecraft experience.

By participating in various activities, completing quests, and showcasing your skills, you'll progress through the Battle Pass tiers, unlocking a wide range of exclusive rewards.

To make your progression even more rewarding, the Battle Pass features both free and premium tracks. While everyone can enjoy the free track and earn exciting rewards, opting for the premium track grants access to an expanded pool of exclusive benefits and perks. Take your experience to the next level and showcase your dedication to the PRIMAL community with premium Battle Pass rewards.

With each passing season, the Battle Pass resets, introducing fresh challenges, rewards, and themes. This guarantees that the excitement never fades, offering endless opportunities to showcase your skills, collect rare items, and stay engaged with the ever-evolving world of PRIMAL.

NOTE: Each player's Battle Pass level is displayed on the Player Tab. Don't be slackin!

PRIMAL | Skindex

With the seasonal resets, we have introduced a new plugin: PRIMAL Skindex

The PRIMAL Skindex is a permanent personal inventory for custom armor/item cosmetics.

Players will be able to save and apply custom armor/item cosmetics to other armors/items. While some players may be worried about the items reset each season, players will be able to permanently keep their custom item skins/cosmetics, using this plugin. For example, if a player unlocks a Tier 5 Crate armor/item, you can place your favorite armor cosmetic on those armors/items.

Access Skindex in-game by typing: /skindex

NOTE: Custom [leather] armors can only be applied to other custom [leather] armors.

PRIMAL | Store

The new PRIMAL Store will feature in-game "Coins". Coins will allow players to purchase everything in the server, such as Ranks, Crate Keys, and other features.

Coins are purchasable with real currency, or earnable by completing in-game objectives.

Visit Store

PRIMAL | Ranks

ELITE (1500 Coins) - The Elite rank is a starting point for players looking to rise through the ranks of PRIMAL. This rank sets the foundation for your ascent to greatness within the PRIMAL community.


- /nick- /workbench- /condense


- Prefix: ELITE- Set Home Limit to 5- Sell up to 6 Items on Auction House- Pick up Spawners with Silktouch Pickaxe- Access to ELITE Kit

LEGEND (2500 Coins) - The Legend rank is a prestigious status for players who have achieved remarkable feats in PRIMAL. Become a living legend within the realms of PRIMAL.


- /nick- /workbench- /condense- /ride- /colors- /anvil- /ender


- Prefix: LEGEND- Set Home Limit to 9- Sell up to 9 Items on Auction House- Pick up Spawners with Silktouch Pickaxe- Access to Anvil Color when renaming Item- Access to LEGEND Kit

IMMORTAL (5000 Coins) - The Immortal rank represents an elite group of players who have transcended the mortal realm. Rise above mortality and become an unstoppable force in PRIMAL.


- /nick'- /workbench- /condense- /ride- /colors- /anvil- /ender- /sit- /nickcolor


- Prefix: IMMORTAL- Set Home Limit to 15- Sell up to 12 Items on Auction House- Pick up Spawners with Silktouch Pickaxe- Access to Anvil Color when renaming Item- Fly within Claims (/flycharge)- Access to IMMORTAL Kit

DIVINE (10000 Coins) - The Divine rank bestows immense power and authority upon its holders. Ascend to the divine realm and leave an everlasting impact on PRIMAL.


- /nick- /workbench- /condense- /ride- /colors- /anvil- /ender- /sit- /nickcolor- /nations- /flycharge (Claim Only)


- Prefix: DIVINE- Set Home Limit to 20- Sell up to 15 Items on Auction House- Pick up Spawners with Silktouch Pickaxe- Access to Anvil Color when renaming Item- Fly within Claims (/flycharge)- Create a Nation- Declare War on other Nations- Access to DIVINE Kit

MYTHIC (25000 Coins) - The Mythic rank is the pinnacle of power and prestige in PRIMAL. Do you have what it takes?

- /nick- /workbench- /condense- /ride- /colors- /anvil- /ender- /sit- /nickcolor- /nations- /armorstand- /flycharge (Anywhere)

- Prefix: MYTHIC- Unlimited Number of Homes- Ulimited Auction House Items- Pick up Spawners with Silktouch Pickaxe- Access to Anvil Color when renaming Item- Fly Anywhere (/flycharge)- Create a Nation- Declare War on other Nations- Use Shulkerbox as Backpack (Shift+Right Click)- Access to MYTHIC Kit

PRIMAL | Crates

PRIMAL's Crates offer a thrilling way for players to unlock exclusive items, cosmetic armor sets, and legendary artifacts; while financially supporting the server. With five tiers of foundational crates and a revolving cosmetic crate, the possibilities for exciting loot are endless.

Vote Crate ★ (Acquired by Daily Voting)

Epic Crate ★ ★ (Purchasable)

Legendary Crate ★★★ (Purchasable)

Mythic Crate ★★★★ (Keys Accessible via Epic/Legendary Crates)

Exotic Crate ★★★★★ (Keys Accessible via Legendary/Mythic Crates)

MAIN Cosmetic Crate - 2 Week Rotation (Purchasable)

NOTE: Don't forget! Using the PRIMAL Skindex - players are able to permanently save/apply custom (leather) cosmetics to any custom (leather) item/armor regardless of seasonal resets.